Telecom stakeholders laud Lagos over disability law

The Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria, (ATCON) has expressed pleasure with the for enacting a law to help the physically challenged persons in the state.

The law provides for protection of the interest of persons who live with disabilities and particularly addresses the issues of protection for them on matters of access, employment, privileges, and standard of living, among others.

This commendation was given by the President of ATCON, Titi Omo-Ettu in Lagos.

He said “the attention of our Association has been drawn to the Lagos State Special People’s Law 2011, which seeks to safeguard people living with disabilities from all forms of discrimination and equalize their opportunities in all aspects of living in the society.”

The state executive was also commended for its planned establishment of the Office of Disability Affairs that the Law prescribes as the implementation agency.

Omo-Ettu said: “The Law has a bearing to our industry in its prescription on access of persons who live with disabilities to telecommunications services which it specifically mentioned in the area of access of such persons to all other services.”

He called for the support of the implementation of the Law in the hope that its operators implement with a human face and in the spirit and letter of its objects and prescriptions.

The ATCON President challenged the Office of Disability Affairs which the Lagos State is about to establish to implement the Law to the letter for the good of the state and not to turn out to be an exuberant organization whose attention will only be to extort and abuse.

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