Lagos: Surmounting the healthcare challenges

Right from its inception, the present administration in Lagos State has proven that it is set out to tackle any obstacle on its way to providing good health care services, among others, for the people. Undoubtedly, the recently suspended strike action by medical officers in the state under the aegis of Medical Guild in Lagos State, has further underscored the state government’s unwavering commitment towards liberating the citizenry from the shackles of poor health care.

While the industrial action lasted, the government left its doors widely opened for the striking doctors, as it continued to instigate dialogues to ensure quick resolution. To demonstrate its commitment, the government, could not but acceded to the doctor’s requests by offering an increase in salaries and allowances of Medical/Dental Officers in the State by an amount equivalent to about 75 per cent of the Consolidated Medical Salary Structure (CONMESS). Although the striking medical officers remained adamant despite the entreaties, the state government retuned to the dialogue table with them, which eventually culminated in the suspension of the strike action.

Strengthening the medical team
Even while the strike was still going on, the state continued to show its commitment to improved health care services state, hence, the recruitment of 155 medical officers to beef up the state’s medical team. The appointment of new medical officers, which comprises of 10 consultants and 145 other medical officers, according to the state’s Commissioner for Health, Dr. Jide Idris, was in continuation of the state government’s efforts at improving the quality of health care services delivery in the state.

The commissioner added that the 155 medical officers represented the first batch of medical officers that would be employed by the state government adding that it was on the verge of concluding the recruitment of another batch. He pointed out that the state government places high premium on the welfare of its workforce hence government will ensure that a very conducive working environment is created for them to aid the discharge of the duties and responsible to their patients.

Apology to the people
No doubt, some citizens of the state had suffered one way or the order during the strike actions that paralyzed activities at government hospitals in the state. Consequently, the state’s Commissioner for Health had come out to apologize to the people of the state over the strike action, which broke the spate of qualitative healthcare drive of the government.

According to him, the government would do everything within its power to ensure that public hospitals are not grounded by any industrial action in future.
He reiterated government’s commitment to the improvement of healthcare services in the

state through the development of infrastructure as well as improved condition of service for the manpower.

His words “the commitment and passion of Governor Fashola to leave a legacy of a health sector that can be benchmarked against international best practices and standards are evident in the priority government accords issues that are relevant to the sector.”

He pointed out that countrywide, the health sector was beset with challenges and Lagos State by virtue of its peculiarities was particularly faced with more than its fair share stressing that addressing these challenges, was not a task that could be handled by the government alone as everyone had a role to play including the Doctors themselves.

From all indications, the state government is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that citizens of the state have access to quality health care services against all odds.

Obviously, what the government needs to achieve success in this regard is the support of all stakeholders in the state.


Lagos Indicator